Donate to the APG Foundation

Make a difference to local patients with cancer through a tax-deductible monetary donation to the APG Foundation. Donations support Iowa residents who receive cancer treatment in Linn or adjacent counties (Benton, Buchanan, Cedar, Delaware, Iowa Johnson and Jones) and need financial assistance to help cover their medical expenses.

What Happens When Patients Can’t Afford Medications?

The high cost of cancer treatment negatively impacts many families in Iowa – even those with health insurance. Inability to afford out-of-pocket costs can lead patients to delay or even skip their medications. The result may be:

  • Faster disease progression
  • Higher risk of complications
  • Medication resistance
  • More frequent doctor visits
  • More frequent and longer hospitalizations
  • Reduced quality of life

How You Can Help

Your gift to the APG Foundation is used to provide financial support to Iowans with no other readily available means of payment for:

  • Medications
  • Prosthetics, wigs, mastectomy bras
  • Complementary services
  • Compression sleeves and stockings

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Know that your gift is improving the lives of people living with cancer. When patients take their medications exactly as prescribed, they may benefit from:

  • Better outcomes
  • Higher quality of life
  • Improved comfort levels
  • Less risk of complications

Ways to Give

Be part of the fight against cancer by making a donation to the APG Foundation. Ways to give include:

  • Memorial & honor gifts
  • Monthly giving
  • Planned gifts

...or send your gift to:

The APG Foundation
PO Box 1248
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

Employer Contributions

Many companies offer matching gift programs to support their employees who donate to charitable organizations. Ask your employer if your gift is eligible for a corporate match.


The APG Foundation will mail you a letter confirming you tax-deductible donation has been received.